We are a ‘top shelf’ specialty cheese producer making genuinely ‘natural’ cheeses. Here at Kaimai, we are absolutely committed to flavour, taste, aroma and texture. In 2014 Kaimai factory is upgrading with UHT- long life milk processing, commissioning date expected to be April 2015 for UHT production to begin.

This is the future of milk - it is called UHT milk or long life milk. It comes in a box and it can live without refrigeration for 6 months until opened. It can be shipped far from its source of production, it can be traded internationally, it saves money that would otherwise go towards preservation, and reduces loss through spoilage. 

The Kaimai Café & Store will keep opening to public. Come and visit us, the Kaimai Cheese factory and Café and Store is centrally located in Waharoa on SH 27, just north of Matamata. We sit proudly right in the heart of Waikato dairy country. 

When you visit us, the first thing you will notice is that the Kaimai building is a replica of an old historic New Zealand 1920’s Butter Factory. Trusses and roof vents from the original butter factory are cleverly used in the design of the building. 

While you are here you can relax and enjoy a lovely meal or snack at our café. Before you head home you can sample our cheese and purchase a piece of our ‘ready to eat’ cheese or gourmet items for later enjoyment.

Waharoa Butter Factory 1922

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